Traditional community-based residential homes

Currently, we provide traditional residential services for 32 individuals.  We own all 10 of the homes that we operate.  These community-based homes are called Alternative Living Units (ALU), which simply means that 3 or fewer individuals reside in the home together.  We also have two group homes, which simply means that 4 or more individuals reside in the home together.  These homes are staffed with a full-time, live-in manager, a live-in weekend relief person and additional support staff during the week and weekend.  Each home’s staffing pattern is set up individually to meet the needs of each person living in the home.

FCS, Inc. provides and assures individual assistance and supervision for each individual based on his/her needs, wants and desires.  FCS, Inc. provides support and assistance to individuals in establishing their home and assuring the safety of the home.  Staff encourage and support individuals in meeting their nutritional, medical, household management, and personal care needs with the greatest degree of independence and choice.  Staff actively protect individuals’ rights and promote self-advocacy.  Staff attend to individuals’ emotional needs by encouraging positive relationships with housemates, family members, neighbors and friends.  Staff also provide daily support, as needed, to individuals under both routine and crisis circumstances.  FCS, Inc. is also dedicated to assisting individuals in planning social, recreational and leisure activities, and promoting community participation.  FCS, Inc. provides transportation to all medical appointments and recreational/leisure activities.