Non-Traditional Services

Services provided by FCS, Inc. in non-traditional ways

All people in supported living arrangements receive creative services in non-traditional ways.  Some individuals live on their own, while others have chosen to live with their families.  Each individual receives the supports that he/she needs, wants or desires.  These supports can be very minimal, such as assisting with meal planning, problem solving, banking and shopping.  While others may need more day to day supports, such as direct assistance with things like bathing, dressing, eating, medication administration, and recreational activities.  Staff support with individuals in supported living arrangements can range from a few hours a week to around the clock daily support.

We have served some individuals who lived in their own apartments.  These individuals were very independent, but needed approximately 7-10 hours of staff support per week.  This support enables these individuals to plan their meals for the week, grocery shop, problem solve and assure proper banking documentation.

We have also served some individuals, who lived with their parents/guardians as they desired and choose, but some of these individuals needed more direct care assistance.  Staff assistance entailed morning, afternoon, and evening hours during the week and weekend.  Staff provided direct assistance with bathing, dressing, meal planning, shopping, medication administration, and recreational and leisure activities, both at home and in the community.

We have also provided support services to a woman who lived with her sister.  This individual used a wheelchair and required transfers with a hoyer lift.  She received direct care from staff including bathing, dressing, cooking, medication administration and recreational and leisure activities.  We also provided further support by having staff assist with medical needs.