About Us

What is Flying Colors of Success, Inc.?

Flying Colors of Success, Inc. (FCS) is a Westminster based organization that provides traditional residential (“group home”) and individualized day supports (“Community Development Services & Personal Supports”) in Carroll County Maryland. Founded through a special project with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration and the Kennedy-Krieger Institute, our agency has been successfully supporting people with developmental & intellectual disabilities, in their own communities, since we were spun-off from Kennedy-Krieger on March 26, 1991. We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

We are a private non-profit, tax-exempt organization under IRS code 501(c)(3). FCS, Inc. serves adults with developmental & intellectual disabilities, including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome. A volunteer board of directors consisting of local community leaders and consumers governs our organization.

FCS, Inc. is proud to be a leader in working with individuals with behavioral challenges. FCS works with consulting psychologists, nurses, therapists, and social workers. We employ an administrative and direct care staff who are educated, trained, and experienced in working with individuals with behavioral challenges and special needs.

Our consulting nurses make home visits to our residents / individuals served on a regular basis. Our nurses review and advise FCS, Inc. on all medical issues and help to assure quality medical care.

All staff employed by FCS, Inc. receive training including, but not limited to: CPR, First Aid, Management of Disruptive Behavior (MANDT), Seizures, Universal Precautions, Characteristics of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Fundamental Rights of Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, MANDT, Aging and Needs of the Elderly, Communication, Community Integration, and the Individual Plan and Supporting Families.

Service Overview:

FCS, Inc. owns and operates a number of single-family homes in the greater Carroll County area. Each home is licensed to support 3 or 4 individuals. These homes operate 365 days a year, with staff support geared to individual needs.

Additionally, FCS, Inc. offers 1 to 1 day supports in our community-based day program (Community Learning Services). These day supports are geared to meet the special needs of individuals who want or need supports outside of traditional facility-based programs. We also provide “Personal Supports” to individuals and families who may need extra support in their own homes.

All of our programs are individualized and are geared to assist our consumers in achieving and maintaining their maximum level of independence at home and in their community.

For more information about FCS, Inc., please feel free to call or email us!

Employee Anniversaries:


  • Christina Byrnes – 16 years
  • Dawn Easterday – 1 year
  • Toni Hardy – 1 year
  • Loretta Minnick – 3 years
  • Richard Munthali – 2 years
  • George Owiti – 2 years
  • Anastasia Wanyoike – 3 years
  • Julie Wheeler – 7 years

  • Michelle Gratz – 1 year
  • Ramiro Herrera – 5 years
  • Michelle Michaels – 1 year


  • Bolakale Adetunji – 2 years
  • Samantha Stonesifer – 11 years
  • Elise Washington – 3 years


  • Busayo Awoyemi – 2 years
  • Cindy Deardorff – 7 years
  • Tega Enarevba – 1 year
  • Sandy Files – 7 years
  • Electra Kroft – 2 years
  • Abagayle Nelson – 1 year
  • Craig Sinnott – 7 years
  • Sandy Valentine – 23 years


  • Shelby Babiarz – 7 years
  • Lisa Cramblitt – 11 years
  • Barbara Epperly – 2 years
  • Brandon Landry – 4 years
  • Ruth Lundy – 11 years
  • Monica Marsh – 3 years
  • Michael Muiruri – 5 years
  • Andrew West Pearson – 11 years


  • Miranda Biden – 2 years
  • Jacob Ward – 1 year