Integration Activities/Community Connections

FCS, Inc. is dedicated to finding out the preferences of individuals when it comes to community integration, recreation and leisure activities. FCS, Inc. is also dedicated to offering individuals new experiences to better enable them to make choices in their lives and to enable them to enjoy a high quality of life.

Many of the individuals we serve enjoy going out to local restaurants for dinner as well as entertainment. Listening to local musicians and Karaoke night are favorites. Some individuals have also joined the local YMCA. There they enjoy swimming and working out on the various exercise equipment provided.

Some consumers attend Adult Education programs in the evenings where they work on reading, writing, and computer skills. Each individual experiences a sense of pride, accomplishment, acceptance and a desire to learn more by attending these adult educational programs.

Many individuals are members of community churches where they are active members and a few are members of their church choirs.

Another activity enjoyed by some individuals is bowling.  They have formed their own bowling league or enjoy open bowling. It is a time to get together, enjoy a game of bowling and socialize.

Other activities include an occasional vacation where some of the vacation hot spots have been the beaches of North Carolina, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, Great Wolf Lodge in VA, and Deep Creek Lake.