Welcome to the website of Flying Colors of Success, Inc.

WELCOME to the home page of Flying Colors of Success, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing community-based residential services to people with developmental disabilities.

OUR MISSION is to be recognized by our consumers and the community as providers of the highest quality, community-based residential supports designed to enhance the quality of life and increase the independence of people with disabilities and special needs.


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Making a one-time gift charitable contribution to Flying Colors of Success, Inc. is a quick and easy way to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Carroll County.

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It’s Time to Whip It and Whip It Good:
At our 80′s Dance Party!

The 80′s were the me decade, where Rubik’s Cube, MTV, high-top sneakers, Fraggle Rock and Madonna were all the hippest of the hip.  Bigger hair and brighter clothes were the trends of the times, while Dr. Pepper and Nerds candies were all being downed while spending hours at your local video arcade.  This was a great generation – and we’re going to bring you back~!

This exciting exclusive event will take place on Saturday, June 1st, at the Westminster VFW from 7-11pm.  There will be prizes, money giveaways, raffles, and of course some of the best tunes of the times.  Don’t miss out on this event – click here for more information and register today!